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Sanskriti Jewels is a brand of first generation Jeweler, designer husband-wife twosome Mr. Karan Garodia and Ms. Nidhi Garodia. Sanskriti as the name echoes with the tradition and culture of India; sanskriti jewels preserve the ethnicity in the jewellery and lives to a classical belief of weaving jewellery to adorn women.  The duo designers mix the elements of nature- gold, diamonds and gemstones in artistic designs to carve stimulating beautiful jewellery. Each crafted ornament from rings to armreifs (bracelets), pendants to necklaces depicts a story within. Sanskriti jewels conceptualized it to fuse the tradition with modern concepts and bring out style, class and exuberance in jewellery and to the wearer. The couple’s endeavor in making sanskriti, a brand resonating style and quality jewellery which is wearable, is brewing sweet success. Sanskriti jewels, refining the essence of Jewellery.